The Four Different Types Of Audibel Hearing Aids

Hearing impairment could affect all people regardless of age, gender, nationality and health situation. It has been common notion in the past that hearing problems only occur in aging people. But recent cases prove that even children can manifest degrees of hearing problems. Now, there is no need to fret if you are experiencing hearing loss. With the Audibel hearing aids, you would have a greater array of choices for your hearing aid needs.

There are numerous hearing aid manufacturers all over the world, but Audibel is still standing out from among the rest. There are so many features embedded in each Audibel device that you surely would find a particular model that would fit your needs and requirements. While it is a fact that Audibel is most popular in the United States, there are also other neighboring nations that are accepting Audibel imports.

There are about 28 million Americans that are currently suffering from hearing loss problems. What is worse is that the number is still rising as years pass by. Thus, hearing aids are becoming common devices that are manufactured and distributed across the United States.

Different types of Audibel hearing aids

For your convenience, it would be helpful if you would be aware of the four basic types of Audibel hearing aids that are currently rolled out in the market. The use of each of the Audibel device types would very much depend on two factors, namely, the level or degree of hearing problem and the preference of the patient.

The first type of Audibel hearing aids is the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing devices. As the name suggests, these gadgets are placed behind the ears of the wearer. Thus, BTEs are the bulkiest types of all hearing aids. They are easily identifiable and seen by other people. However, the advantage of wearing BTE Audibles is that the devices are highly functional and effective in receiving and transmitting sounds to the ears. BTEs are also functional for any shape and size that can be usable on amplification and circuit options.

In-the-ear Audibel hearing aids are worn on the outer portion of the ears. These models are worn just like wearing any normal headset for walkmans. There is an external portion that rests on the outer ear. This part is responsible in collecting sounds from the environment.

Audibel hearing aids could also be in the form of in-the-canal types. ITC hearing aids are somehow annoying on the part of the wearer. That is because the items are sitting directly on the ear canal's internal tunnel. ITCs are very much sophisticated in that no matter how small they are, they are still made up of fine and effective circuits to facilitate better functions.

Audibel hearing aids, lastly, are also in the completely-in-the-canal styles. The device is completely in the interior of the ear. Thus, the instrument is not very visible when worn by the user. One setback with this Audibel model type is that it cannot be used by just everyone. CICs are not fit for all sizes and shapes of ears.

Continued advancement

Another good thing about Audibel hearing aids is that the manufacturer is continuously rolling out initiatives to further improve hearing aids. Most of the devices sold in the market nowadays are wireless and are having relatively small sizes.

There are also Audibel hearing devices that are programmable. That means you could adjust the level and settings of the gadget based on your preference and specifications. Thus, you will find that using Audibel items are without hassles.

There are many Audibel hearing aids in the market. Now, you do need to worry about losing hearing. You could still enjoy your normal activities with the restored sense of hearing facilitated by modern hearing devices.