What Are Movie Hearing Aids?

Movie hearing aids are hearing devices that are specifically designed and manufactured to facilitate restoration of hearing when a hearing impaired person is watching a movie. One of the worries people have when they determine hearing problems is that they may not be able to enjoy movies anymore. That is a misconception. With the advent of movie hearing aids, hearing impaired people could still get to enjoy screen flicks as if they have normal hearing.

Many hearing aid manufacturers recognize the fact that people invest in hearing aids for many purposes. There are specific hearing aids for specific activities. For example, there are Bluetooth hearing aids to facilitate normal hearing when a person is having a conversation using a mobile phone. General hearing aids are used to facilitate hearing of usual and daily sounds and conversations.

Movie hearing aids

Movie hearing aids are like usual hearing aids, except that these devices are made specifically adjusted to movie house sounds. Early movie hearing aids were made with wires that connect the devices to the television sound system using jocks in movie viewing inside the house. But because such systems are less convenient and almost give users the feeling as if they are tied to the TV set, modern versions are made wirelessly.

Before, movie hearing aids were confined to movie viewing at home. Now, because such devices are made to function wirelessly, movie hearing devices can be taken and worn conveniently while the person is inside a movie house. Thus, the viewing experience would be made complete for the hearing impaired person.


Movie hearing aids have built in and hands-free volume control. The user could adjust the level of volume he wants on his hearing devices. This way, these people could eliminate the embarrassment of turning up the volume of the TV set to the annoyance of other people. Movie hearing aids would make you listen to the TV sound even if the TV volume is too loud, too low or even if the set is in mute settings. In movies, the user can adjust the volume whether he wants controlled sound or very loud sounds.

What is more exciting about modern movie hearing aids is that it could run compatibly with different movie house systems. You could use it any type of movie house you get into whether it's an I-max, a Dolby surround or a stereo house. In television viewing, movie hearing aids could be used when watching regular TV signals or reception from cable TV, free TV or even satellite TV.

The sophisticated devices are also compatible with VCR, video games, stereo and DVD systems. Some theaters are also compatible with movie hearing devices so the gadgets could be used every time the patient watch good movies at the big screen or watch plays at the playhouse.

Where, when and how to buy

Movie hearing aids are available in the hearing device retailer nearest you. Your audiologist could recommend a good and tested brand for the devices. Movie hearing devices are readily available in the market with prescription or without prescription from an audiologist.

You could buy movie hearing aids whenever you feel there is a need to do so. If your hearing impairment is already affecting your every movie-viewing experience, then there is an urgent need for a movie hearing device.

There are also online shops that are distributing such products. All you have to do is to open up your eyes and look around. If you have a need for a movie hearing aid, you surely would easily find one. Losing normal hearing nowadays is really not a problem with the advent of such hearing devices.