Using Open Fit Hearing Aids

Open Fit hearing aids are among the most popular types of such hearing devices nowadays. There are many reasons why people with hearing disability prefer to use Open Fit devices.

The introduction of hearing aids has been very beneficial to a lot of people who are suffering from partial or even severe hearing impairment. Hearing aids are wonderful inventions that facilitate the temporary restoration of a person's sense of hearing. It is temporary in the sense that hearing aids only work when they are being worn or used, Detachment of the devices would render the hearing impaired person audio deficient once again.

Through the years, there have been many types of hearing aids that have been introduced to the market. The initial and early models of such devices were very simple but already useful. However, there were several setbacks. Those impediments are the reasons why open fit hearing aids are more popular than ever in the market. The term "open fit" means that the gadget is almost well customized to custom fit the person who would use it.

First of all, open fit hearing aids are small in size. Technically, these devices are just a specific subset of behind the ear hearing aids. Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids are devices that are consisting of small plastic cases that fit behind your ear. As such, these devices conduct sound through an ear mold through the ear canal.

How the device works

Open Fit hearing aids work by connecting an external speaker to a hearing system through thin wire running into the ear canal. The speaker is the part of the device that facilitates transmission of sounds. The device is held in place by soft silicone domes that are so minutely crafted and molded within the ears.

Open Fit hearing aids are small in size because they are custom made to be like that. The relatively small size makes up for better transmission of sounds and better fit of the device. The small size is also the factor that prevents open fit hearing aids from suffering the occlusion effect, or the amplification of the wearer's own voice especially during the time that the device is being worn. Thus, feedbacks are reduced if not totally eliminated.


Open Fit hearing aids are readily available and accessible in the market. However, there is a need for assistance coming from experts, particularly accredited and licensed audiologists. Such devices are also hard to install, especially for first-time users. Thus, there is a need to seek assistance in the installation process from experts.

Though the devices are not sold in the market through required prescriptions, directions and instructions from registered audiologists are needed for the purchase of the proper type of open fit hearing aids. Prices range variably, so be sure to prepare a premium for every unit purchase.

As for the varieties of open fit hearing aids, there are also those that are built with especially designed and engineered filters that help select the sounds that should be processed and those that should simply be neglected. Unwanted background noise is eliminated and ignored through the use of these hearing devices.

If you are considering getting a hearing aid even if your hear loss is only partial and occasional, Open Fit types would be a safe option. That is because this hearing aids type is so useful and is not really function adhering.

Open Fit hearing aids are the in-thing nowadays when it comes to hearing devices. There are many hearing products in the market, but open fits are those that would surely produce significant results.