The Wide Selection Of Phonak Hearing Aids

There are many companies that manufacture hearing aids nowadays. More and more firms are recognizing the fact that the number of people affected by hearing impairment is on a constant rise. All the brand names and companies that get into the foray into hearing aids are all capable of offering to patients new, innovative and useful features of new hearing aid products. Phonak hearing aids are among those that are rapidly increasing sales nowadays.

There are different types of Phonak hearing aids that are available in the market. These company products can be grouped into two: in-the-ear models and behind-the-ear-models. As the names suggest, the two differ on how they are placed in the ears when in use. First of all, the in-the-ear models are those Phonak hearing aids that are worn in the interior of the ear system. As such, the other type, the behind-the-ear models are worn externally and literally behind the ears.

Whatever the model, the effectiveness and practicality of every Phonak hearing aids cannot be underestimated. If you are suffering from hearing loss and you are considering buying hearing devices, Phonak hearing aids would surely be on top of what your audiologist would recommend to you. Phonak hearing aids would enable you to choose the best model for you. You can be ensured that there is a good and appropriate Phonak hearing aid for you.

FM Systems

One of the most popular Phonak hearing aid models in the market today is the FM System hearing aid. FM stands for frequency modulated and works exactly like how FM signals over the radio. The quality of sound transmitted using the FM system is very clear and modulated. That is why this hearing aid model is ideal for facilitating hearing restoration for television and movie viewing, restaurant conversations and phone patches.

Phonak hearing aids with wireless FM systems are coming at multiple settings that have capabilities to enable the user to narrow options and choices on what to hear. Such specific devices have transmitters that effectively pick up particularly chosen noise or sound and transmit the stimuli to an equally tiny receiver that is worn at the same time.


There is another popular Phonak hearing aid model. This time, the devices are integrated with the so-called iLink system that is considered one of the most effective sophisticated technologies for hearing aids. iLink hearing aids work by transmitting sounds from the easy link microphones embedded within the device to the built-in wireless receiver placed internally in the ear system.

The setup of the iLink system would allow the user to choose the best position on how to pick up sounds. iLink has a three-position technology that facilitate for the sound picking up capabilities in every situation. The models allow easy links between the microphone and the receiver. The wireless technology make up for an easy flow of operations for iLink Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak as a company

With so many hearing aid products brought to the market by Phonak, you must be wondering how the company was able to come up with such devices. To start with, Phonak Group is the company that designs and manufactures every Phonak hearing aid product in the market.

The firm was established in 1947 in the city of Zurich in Switzerland. The Phonak Group is a Franco-Belgian business that was specifically put up not just for profit but for innovations within the hearing device sector. Now, the company is also widely operating in China and Canada and is distributing its various hearing aid models all over the world.

Hearing impaired people would find hope in various Phonak hearing aids available in the market. Whether you choose the FM or the iLink systems integrated with the hearing devices, you would surely realize that the hearing loss is never a serious concern nowadays.